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Chef at home (Estragón Poblenou)

Because we know that your celebrations and events are important to you, we offer you a whole range of possibilities: Chef service at home with cooks or service personnel. Catering, show cooking, workshops and all the gastronomic solutions you can imagine, at Estragón Poblenou we offer you a series of menus that you can modify to your liking to make your event unforgettable.

If you have any suggestions or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Menu 1: 4 half courses and a dessert
  • Roasted artichoke with Iberian jowls and truffle
  • Prawn and cod cannelloni with seafood sauce
  • Grilled sea bass, mushrooms and baby hearts marinated with mint vinaigrette
  • Boneless suckling pig with pineapple chutney and its juice
  • Banana brownie with salted caramel ice cream
Menu 2: 4 dishes to share, 2 seconds to choose from and a dessert

First to share:

  • Carpaccio stuffed with foie gras with truffle vinaigrette
  • Tomato tartare with smoked cod
  • Prawn skewer breaded in sweet chilli sauce
  • Vegetable ravioli with mushroom sauce

Seconds to choose:

  • Turbot with San Sebastian sauce and carving
  • Beef tenderloin with Café Paris sauce and a thousand potato leaves


  • Chocolate textures
Menu 3: two starters to choose from, two seconds to choose from and two desserts to choose from

First to choose:

  • Roast cannelloni with truffle béchamel

  • Escarole salad, smoked cod and candied pumpkin

Seconds to choose:

  • Fricassee of monkfish and prawns with mushrooms

  • Rack of lamb with candied shallots and “papas arrugás”

Dessert to choose:

  • Carrot cake with tangerine ice cream

  • Lemon pie

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